Spokane Radio News

Date 03/20/2008
Subject: Couer d'Alene Tribe Radio Application

How does one track an application for an FCC license for an entity. he Coeur díAlene Tribe submitted an application for an educational based station. Have you heard any buzz?
It is being spearheaded by Chuck Matheson, a radio personality from the late 80ís and early 90ís from the Spokane market.

Shane Austin

It is listed as an application at fcc.gov, but can also be found on the archives page here.

From Ted from Idaho:
Date 09/15/2006

I've been reading the info on KPND's power upgrade.

The FCC granted a construction permit to KPND on April 11, 2005. The permit is good for 3 years and thus will expire on April 11, 2008 if Blue Sky Broadcasting Inc. doesn't construct & file for their license by that date.

In looking at their application, although they are using a directional antenna, they will be putting a city grade signal over ALL of Spokane covering 93% of the total ARB metro area.

The directional antenna pattern is protecting a Canadian signal to the northwest of Sandpoint. Just thought you might be interested?

Ted Austin

Thanks Ted. I understand your point here. Sometimes though I don't understand all the technical stuff...since I was a programmer never an engineer.

stay in touch...kjd

From: Stephanie S.
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:41:18 -0700
To: tweak@spokaneradionews.com
Subject: radio dial suggestion


Came across your site. Its fun to read other people's take on the industry.

My big suggestion: KYRS-LP.

Its obvious LPFM isn't where its at. No protection, essentually a sitting duck for any station that wants to apply (or move in) on the frequency. You know the FCC's policy - money talks. A merry band of poor grant dependant leftists can't complete with Citadel, CC and anyone else.

What KYRS needs to do is completely abandon the FM band and move to the AM band. There is still room on that band for a Class D or even Class C. It could be done. Early possibilites could be 890,1440 or 1630.

Benefits of this are 1) Service of the entire Spokane area with one signal 2)No longer unprotected 3)No more reliance on small translators to get into the city-proper.

A downside is audio quality. I think though they'd be the first see the positives outweigh the negatives. Another downside is tower space. AM isn't like FM. Maybe they could work an arrangement with someone to multiplex off existing AM sticks.

Its just some thoughts. KYRS-LP needs to take steps to get out of the LPFM doldrums.